Interschool carnival

On Monday and Friday I had the interschool carnival Which is where you and your school will go into team games such as leader ball, pass ball and other relays. The two sports I competed in were Javelin which I came 3rd in and flag races which I came first in. In flags I had to be the first runner so I was nervous. I got a bad start because I couldn’t hear the whistle when you had to run but I ended up catching back up and my school won. In throws instead of throwing a vortex like last year we had to throw a javelin which is much harder. I was also doubting myself and thinking that I would come last but I ended up coming third which I was very happy with. I got a score of 17 metres. My school also ended up winning the trophy again for getting the most points in the twelve year in a row.

Match It!

Deklan and I have been working together on a project. The project we have been working on is a self made board game for the pre primary’s in our school to play. The game is called Match It! Instructions- You will spin the wheel on the iPad and whichever number it lands on from 1-8 you match it to its picture that is representing the number!

e.g.  If a picture like a bike has two wheels then match it to number two. HAVE  FUN. 1 st player to have matched every number wins 🏆

Brushes Redux

Brushes redux is a app where you can draw picture or upload pictures and draw over them. How you use brushes redux is quite simple. Firstly, you will select an image from your camera roll and insert it into your picture. Secondly, once you have inserted the picture into brushes you will go ahead and make a new layer. Once you have made a new layer, make sure it’s above your original picture. Once it’s above your original picture you can make your type of pen/pencil that you want to use and draw over your picture. This below is a photo of some brushes redux pictures that were printed out.

I Am From (Poem)

                                                    I AM FROM

These are two poems which I have made by myself. The first poem is about my sport and what it’s like. The second poem is about the country I live in and some of nice things Australia has.

I am from BMX which is the sport I love.

The sport with big helmets and a special glove.

Pumping and Jumping high up above.

Until your bike sadly gives you a shove.


I am from Australia where the animals are kindest.

Kangaroos, crocodiles and the cutest koalas.

Beaches, sunsets leaving the sky.

While the swooping magpies fly.


First Semester

During this long semester we have been doing lots of different interesting things. One of the many things we have been learning about are story starters. Some of the things that we have learnt about story starters are that we should not put a word with i,n,g until the end of the sentence. Another thing is that we have learnt about story starters are that we don’t want them to be to long, instead we want our story starter to be quite short.

We have also been learning about percentages. In percentages what we have been working on are answers to see how much the percentage of something is. We have been doing percentages in math and on study ladder and Mathletics.

On the second last day of school we also have our lightning carnival for the year fives and sixes. In the lightning carnival the sports that will be played are, soccer, AFL, rugby, mod cross and lawn bowls. In the lightning carnival I am playing AFL.

We have also of course been doing the normal subjects like maths, sport and science and stuff but those were just some things. From term 1 to now I have had a good time in school and I am looking forward to the holidays. Bye bye.




Draft of The Week

The things we have been doing this week since Monday all the way up until Friday are…


On Monday in the morning we had library from about 10 o’clock up until 10:40. After library we have recess and during our recess time I play footy. Later on we had sport. In sport we were practicing our javelin throwing for our faction carnival which is next term. After sport we had lunch and then finished the day off with some more work.


On Tuesday in the morning we did some work on our hass. In hass we have been doing research about North and South America and then we had recess. After recess we had art. In art we have been working on our naidoc pictures. Then we had our crunch and sip and did some maths.


On Wednesday we had an assembly first thing in the morning. After the assembly we had to run two laps of the oval. Later on we played a fun math game with Mr B. Those are most of the things we did on Wednesday apart from some subjects like maths, English and hass.


On Thursday first thing in the morning we had science and learnt about light and how we can see. Later on we had music and played some instruments.


First thing in the morning we had footy at senior sport. After that we had rotations which in rotations we did studdyladder, Mathletics, prodigy, binary code, blogs, Code.Org, writing and Lexile reading.



Compassion With Audacity

Jayden, Daniel and I had to make our own podcast using a microphone. In our podcast we talked about compassion and what we think it is.

Audacity-Audacity is a app where you can upload voice messages using a USB in a microphone. In audacity you can edit your voice messages using a a cursor that will delete all of the mistakes and blank spots in your voice recording.

Here is the sound of our voice recording. Unfortunately only our non-edited  voice recording would work.

Click here ->)



Portals And Pictures

Today we have been discussing and learning about portals. We have also been drawing and designing our very own portals. We have been listening to a voice recording of a book called (The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe) and we have discovered that there is a  random wardrobe that if you go through it, it will teleport you to a different place called Nania and that inside Nania there is a half naked goat man and a evil white witch. Here are two pictures of both of the portals that my class and I and designed below.

Thank you for reading.

Weekend Recount!

On the weekend I had a great time. I had a sleepover with Callum and Deklan at Deklan’s house. We slept in a big tent outside in Deklan’s backyard on two separate mattresses. Some of the things we did were go out for a ride at 8 o’clock at night. I also brought my scooter,  Ipad and my phone. We stayed up until only midnight so not to late and watched a movie and TikTok. On Sunday I was still at Deklan’s until half past three in the afternoon. Some things we did on Sunday are, go to the local park , ride around the place and go to woolies. Most of the rest of the day we were at Deklan’s house just chilling In the tent and a tiny bit in his room. That was my sleepover weekend.

School specialist subjects!

This blog is about how my school subjects are going and what we’ve been doing and learning about.

ART-In art we have been making drawings with oil pastels and paint. Some of the drawings we have been working on and making are a picture of baby Yoda with a background of our choice; the reason we have done baby Yoda as one of our pictures is because our teacher thought it would be funny as a joke because it was May the 4th and it sounded like (may the force) be with you. We have also been working on a project for the last couple of month called the dripping hearts project. It may sound a little creepy (dripping hearts) but it’s just a project we’re making based on two different street artist named Dasic Fernadez and Chris Uphues. One last thing we drew a little bit ago was our Chinese lantern drawings.

SPORT-In sport we have had our school swimming lessons which by the way I passed my level and moved up to the next one, we have also been trying a new game that I had never done before called lawn bowls. It is a really boring game that I would not like to do. That’s pretty much all we have been doing in sport apart from outer school sports.


SCIENCE-in science we have been learning about shadows light and how we can see light. Some of the kind of test that we have been doing are. 1 we made a shadow puppet and measured if the shadow was taller from further away or closer to the screen. We have also tested if different objects were opaque, translucent or transparent. That is most of the stuff we have been doing in science apart from other test.


MUSIC-In music we have been learning how to play drums and the keyboard. We have also been singing a couple of songs that we sing at our assembly. One last thing that we have been learning in music is our rhythm clapping. Rhythm clapping is clapping the right tone at the right time to this video we watch on youtube. The sounds we play by clapping are ta, ti, ta r, zaa, tikatika and a couple of other things.


CLASS-In class we have started to learn about a new subject called digital technoligies. We have of course still been learning the usual maths, hass, english, health, Indonesian and spelling though. What we have most recently been working on was our maths, hass and digital tech; in maths we learnt how to do percenteges(eg- 3% of 22 = 0.66). In hass we have been learning and weiting facts about countrys in North and South America. And finally in digital tech we have been learning about how computers work, how a message or factime call works and binary code. Goodbye.